There is a sacredness to life. We become aware of this in times of grief and in times of great joy. Some of us sense the sacred as a yearning for deeper meaning and purpose in our lives. There is a holiness that hovers, like a halo, around important moments in our lives. In fact, that holiness is always present, but we seem to be more aware of it at certain times. When we begin to attend to this sacred, holy dimension we realize that the holy is not peripheral or separate. Holiness is at the heart of our lives. There is a sacred and holy purpose to living.

I am the Rev. David Marshall, ordained priest of the Episcopal Church and rector of St. Dustan’s Episcopal Church in Shoreline, Washington. As priest to this congregation I explore the sacred, mysterious beauty of life in community.

This site has writings on various topics relating to congregational life, a blog of my weekly message to the congregation, and my recent sermons in both manuscript (when available) and audio formats.

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