Campaign for Christ

The Role of the Consultant

Most congregations do not have the knowledge or experience to pull off such an ambitious set of goals. That’s where the consultant comes in. Each campaign would be guided by a trained consultant. There is ample precedent for the use of consultants in capital campaigns. The steps necessary to succeed with a capital campaign are well understood and can be taught. The same is true for evangelism and the formation of Christian community.

The first role of a consultant would be to assess the congregation’s likelihood of being sufficiently enrolled in the mission and purpose of the campaign. This involves assessing the health of the congregation, the availability and willingness of members to participate in the campaign, and the demographics of the town or city where the congregation is located.

Additionally, the consultant would assess the leadership of the congregation to determine if there are people to fill the necessary roles in the campaign. A campaign can only succeed if there are leaders from within the congregation who are willing to organize and lead the various activities and groups necessary to achieve the campaign goals. The scope of a campaign could be adjusted based on the abilities and gifts of the congregation, just as a capital campaign would be planned based on the membership and resources of the congregation.

Finally, the consultant would be responsible for the startup activities to launch a successful campaign, including:

  • Training campaign leaders in the congregation,
  • Training group leaders for campaign groups (canvassing groups, introduction to Christianity groups, Christian practices groups),
  • Providing timelines and project management that covers preparing for the campaign, running the campaign, and ongoing support and development of membership and groups beyond the campaign.
  • Training ministers and lay leaders to go to people’s homes and enroll them in the campaign, and inviting people to be hosts and leaders of small groups. (This is the pre-campaign work equivalent to visiting the largest donors in a capital campaign before launching the campaign with the congregation.)

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