Campaign for Christ

The Campaign’s Mission and Purpose: Create Robust Networks of (New) Christians

The mission of the campaign is really the Gospel mission of the Church, namely to bring people to God as revealed in Christ Jesus. The purpose of the campaign is to create networks of devoted followers of Christ with ample use of the Internet to facilitate relationships and communications. The details of a campaign may be changed to reflect the character and spiritual gifts of a particular congregation, but the underlying purpose can be confidently stated.

  • Introduce people to Christ and to God’s saving work of creation.
  • Initiate small group or Alpha like introduction to Christianity programs at the congregation and in people’s homes.
  • Create a further curriculum to take groups of people through various levels of formation.

o   Introduction to Christianity

o   Preparation for Baptism

o   Preparation  for confirmation

o   Ongoing Christian formation through prayer, study of scripture and service.

  • Create networks of support to live the practices of Christianity with an emphasis on the Emergent Church understandings of Generous Orthodoxy, personal devotion and communal expression.
  • Create personal goals and achievements to encourage advancement and formation as a devoted follower of Christ.
  • Create a pan-congregational support network to deliver new content through existing networks of Christians. In other words, the members, small groups and teams that are using the Internet to stay in communication would be supported with regular communications and contributions and invitations.
  • Create support and encouragement for individuals, groups, teams and congregations to share and publish what they develop.

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