This Brick is Your Life…

Paul tells us that we are no longer subject to sin but are now subject to grace. Paul writes about sin and grace because the church in Rome, just like our own churches today, faced the challenge of turning away from sin and living for God. But what does that mean? How are our lives different now that we have been baptized and are choosing to follow Jesus? If we get stuck on the language and controversy of sin, we risk missing the rest of what Paul is saying. Just what does he mean when he says we are slaves to righteousness?

Paul’s teaching gets at the very nature of freedom. We usually define freedom in terms of the ability to make arbitrary choices without impediment, but are we really free if we can just do whatever we want? Or, does true freedom come when we live out the true purpose of our lives?

This sermon takes a creative look at these questions. In the course of the sermon I try to make an airplane out of a brick. What will happen when I try to launch the “airplane”?

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