Pilgrims on the Road to Emmaus

Easter 3

Luke 24:13-35


Cleopas and his companion had given up. They hope was lost. This was the third day since Jesus was crucified and they had not seen him. The one who was their hope for redemption from Rome and life with God was dead.

How often do we have this same experience? How often have we been disappointed or frustrated in our hope?

This sermon shares one dramatic story of redemption. The family in this story came face to face with the risen Christ, but first they lost all hope. Their story mirrors the story of Cleopas and his companion so perfectly! They suffered great loss, and then, when they had given up, God gave them new hope and new purpose. The Road to Emmaus story, and this modern day version, show us the true and wonderful power of Jesus to save our lives. Jesus gives hope and purpose where there was only death.

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