Encouraging Teams in Ministry

Guidelines for Fractals

Fractals are a simple organizational concept that allows people to easily become connected to the congregation in doing ministry and mission.  The concept allows for many different kinds of roles in ministry and mission; therefore, we have the opportunity for people to match different skills and capacities to various roles. Continue reading Encouraging Teams in Ministry

Campaign for Christ


President Obama’s remarkable 2008 campaign, with its innovative use of the Internet, put him in the White House. Christian congregations can use the campaign model, the Internet, and the creation of robust networks of motivated people to spread the Gospel to a new generation. The advent of new technologies and ubiquitous high-speed access to the Internet has created a new opportunity for congregations to build stronger communities and reach new populations that are not currently represented by their membership roles. Continue reading Campaign for Christ

Stewardship for the Intentional Congregation

I love talking about stewardship because it is one of the most powerful tools available to experience the reality of life in the Spirit. For some people, emotional experiences and stories will lead them into the Spirit. For others, the ideas of theology will excite their souls. Stewardship has the power to take us from feeling good and being excited by ideas to living in Christ. Trinitarian theology may be too abstract to understand, but deciding where to spend your money is very concrete. Continue reading Stewardship for the Intentional Congregation