The Season of the Spirit

We are used to thinking of Advent as a season of preparation for Christmas. We are used to thinking of Lent as a season of preparation for Easter. What if the season of Easter is here to prepare us for Pentecost? We usually think of Easter as a season of celebration, but the 50 days of Easter leading up to Pentecost are full of lessons preparing us for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost is more than a remembrance of the gift of the Holy Spirit. Our worship leads us to experience the renewal of that gift. We intentionally go beyond remembrance because we know that God is continually giving and renewing the Spirit. In our worship last Sunday we entered into the story of the Ascension in which Jesus departs, promising to ask God the Father to send the Holy Spirit. We emulated the disciples by adopting a pose of prayerful expectation. We raised our hands and opened our hearts, confident that God will bless us with the Holy Spirit again and again if we are but willing and ready.

St. Dunstan’s Church has certainly experienced the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the past year. One of the most visible signs is the beautiful light shining through our new stained glass window. Yes, the window is up! This project has brought great joy and fellowship to the many people who have worked to make the window with their own hands. We will dedicate the new window on Sunday during our Pentecost worship.

God fills us with love, strength and courage to go into the world and do the work of Christ. That’s what the Holy Spirit does for us. Maybe that’s why the season of Pentecost is the longest season of the church year. This is the season in which we live into the reality of the Christmas incarnation and Easter resurrection.

Friday night you will have the opportunity to experience another of the signs of God’s Spirit working through us. We will gather at the Greenwood Food Bank from 6pm to 9pm, June 10th, to sort pallets of food contributions. This is always a great time. We joyfully hustle and bustle around the warehouse, sorting food into bins and enjoying one another’s company. There is a sense of purpose and of joy. I hope you will join me there this week as we live into our mission, walking in Christ’s love and forgiveness through worship, prayer and service to the community.

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