The Fruits of the Spirit

Tent City 3 at St. Mark's Cathedral
Tent City 3 at St. Mark's Cathedral

This is a picture of St Mark’s Cathedral seen over the tops of the tents of Tent City 3 (TC3). Right now TC3 is located in the parking lot of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, about half a mile east of St. Mark’s. On Tuesday afternoon, Josef Hinkofer and I visited TC3 and were given a tour. It was a warm afternoon, and there were people sitting in the shade, working in the kitchen, and cleaning their bathrooms. We saw large dorm style tents for men and for women, the communal eating area, a TV tent, and many individual or couples tents. There are about 100 people living in TC3 right now.

Josef approached me recently with a proposal. He told me that he has the skills to cook meals for TC3, St. Dunstan’s has the kitchen and the volunteers to help, and Josef has access to food donations for the majority of the food necessary. If we put all of these together, we can feed the people of TC3!

I have prayed about this and I am convinced that the Holy Spirit has put another opportunity before us to do God’s work. Our Mission Statement reads:

We seek to provide a welcoming environment where individuals can come together to walk in Christ’s love and forgiveness through worship, prayer and service to the community.

This feeding ministry will give us yet another way to live out this mission statement. If you would like to help, please let Josef or me know. We need volunteers to help coordinate the kitchen, do the preparation work for the meals, deliver the meals, and clean up afterwards.

Our plan is to prepare the first meal for Tuesday July 12th. That’s coming up pretty quickly, but we have most of what we need in place already. Each meal will be cooked primarily from donated non-perishable food. We will need to spend about $50 a meal for proteins, fresh vegetables and fruit.

We are very blessed to have this opportunity to serve using the gifts and resources God has given us. See you in the Kitchen!

Yours in Christ,


2 thoughts on “The Fruits of the Spirit”

  1. Dear Father:

    I think the general idea is good. However, I am wondering if the ladies from St. Agnes were consulted about this. Granted, this is a church kitchen, but they have supplied all the dishes, pots, pans, dish washer etc., and continue to supply the kitchen with weekly coffee, creamer etc. AND they are in the process of footing the bill for the new stove, among other things.

    I think asking the officers of St. Agnes their concerns, requirements etc., would be most appropriate.



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