Holy Days Leading to Easter

This is the most holy week of the year for those of us who have devoted our lives to Christ. The Gospel story is our story. We follow Jesus by allowing our lives to be shaped by and guided by the Gospel, by Jesus’ life. This year I have been posting installments of the Passion story on my blog, along with reflections, questions to ponder, and a prayer each day. This is just one way to enter into the story.

The Church has traditionally entered into the story with the three services of Holy Week: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil. If you cannot come to these services, I invite you to read the blog entries so that you can move through this powerful story and come to Easter ready to experience the wonder and joy of resurrection.

Thursday night at 7:00 PM we will hold Maundy Thursday services with the ritual of foot washing. This practice, along with the Eucharist, comes directly from Jesus himself. We will experience, just as Peter did, the confusion and discomfort of a savior who humbles himself so that we might have the courage to humble ourselves.

On Friday, at both noon and again at 7:00 PM we will hold the solemn service of Good Friday. For many of us, this is the most powerful service of the year. This is the service where the power of the Gospel connects with the pain and sorrow of our lives.

The Easter Vigil, held this year at 7:00 PM on Holy Saturday, is an ancient tradition that deserves our attention. This year we will hold vigil for Jesus. We will re-tell the stories of salvation history with dramatic presentations of the Creation, the Flood, Israel’s deliverance at the Red Sea, and Ezekiel’s dry bones. The service continues with a renewal of our baptismal vows and the first celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.

This is going to be a wonderful Easter at St. Dunstan’s Church. At 8:00am at the Henry Chapel we will raise our glad cries of Alleluia. Our main service will be at a special time, 10:00 AM, to allow as many people to attend as possible. Bring a flower with you to this service where we will “flower the cross” by putting flowers into a special cross at the Altar.  This is going to be a great celebration and you will want to be there!

Your brother in Christ,

The Rev. David Marshall

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