Christian Pilgrimage Begins with Baptism

You may have noticed something new as you came into church. At the Easter Vigil we placed a font in the entry to our church. This font was used at the vigil for the renewal of baptismal vows. We will use the font again on Pentecost to baptize a new member of God’s family.

Our walk with Christ begins with baptism. As we reach out to welcome new pilgrims to join us in our walk with Christ, the font is an appropriate symbol to have in our entryway. Traditionally, the entryway is the place for a font because we enter into our faith through baptism and we enter into our worship space by walking past the baptismal font. When you visit St. Mark’s Cathedral, the Font is right inside the main doors to the sanctuary.

On Pentecost we will use this font for the first time to baptize baby Iris. The baptism will begin with a procession of the entire congregation to surround the font. Everyone will have a great view of the font and the baptism. The newly baptized child will be surrounded by her new brothers and sisters in Christ, and we will all be able to see the baptism take place.

We will keep the font out, visible, accessible and filled with water from here on out. As you go by, you may want to touch the water or dip your finger in the water and touch it to your forehead as a reminder of your own baptism. Remember your baptism. You have been born anew into Christ’s family. You are an adopted child of God.

Your brother in Christ,

The Rev. David Marshall

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